D4Learning 2015

Conference Areas

 Digital technology for learning and inclusion/exclusion

· Digital tools supporting focus of attention
· Tools promoting inclusion through educational communication and collaboration supporting
· Digital environments for inclusion through the support of learner/teacher awareness
· Digital tools for supporting classroom management
· Digital tools for supporting development of learner empowerment
· Digital tools for supporting learning authenticity
· The potential of digital tech to alter power structures

Teaching/learning methods & methodologies with digital technology, supporting Collaborative learning and learner development

· Blended learning
· Game-Based learning
· Teacher/designer competence development
· Teacher/learner roles
· Mentoring/tutoring
· Communities of practice
· Project based learning
· Ethical issues

Social contexts and learning environments

· Social media for supporting the process of inclusion
· Inclusive community building
· Collaborative knowledge building and sharing
· Interdisciplinary teaching/learning with societal stakeholders
· Innovative learning designs (e.g. across disciplins and stakeholder interests)
· The impact of educational cultures on teaching/learning for inclusion

Case studies and applications of digital technology for learning and inclusion

· Critical success factors for learning inclusion
· Cases of international collaboration
· Learning designs for innovative teacher education
· Cases of successful learning designs/e-learning for inclusion

Pervasive/ubiquitous and mobile technologies for inclusion

· Cloud-based learning/teaching/assessment
· Context-situated learning/teaching
· Mobile teaching/learning for inclusion
· Virtual classrooms


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